Vampire Cruise

Amanda Lee Franck

You heard stories the ship was dredged from the sea floor and they had to clear out buckets of drowned fish before building staterooms. Stories about the Captain who’s never seen before midnight. About the unsettling shape of the boxes that were loaded into the darkness of the lower decks.

The crowd waiting to embark doesn't seem worried though. And before you know it you're relaxing by the pool, ocean sparkling all around, and you're not worried either.

Until breakfast, when you share a table with the woman who told you all the rumours. Now she’s wearing a white silk robe and handing out pamphlets that say 'Is Death Real?’ on the cover. And then you can't find your aunt, and you wake up woozy in your cabin clutching a note you don't remember writing that says “deck 13 at noon. bring something sharp”

On the other hand there's a ping pong tournament.

Vampire Cruise – a supposedly fun thing you’ll have to do for eternity.

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