Trickster's Net

The Great Trickster has cast its net far and wide across space and time and is dragging it through the multiverse, tearing and mixing up countless worlds in the process.

Create a Seeker from any reality you can imagine and imbue them with meaningful powers.

Journey through Myriad - the patchwork realm comprising the infinite worlds turned upside-down by the Great Trickster.

Gather Trickster's Items to summon this fickle Being and put the worlds back in order.

Trickster's Net contains rules and setting information to explore Myriad; a patchwork realm shaped by the Great Trickster. The rules are simple, but versatile and encourage improvisational play and a rotating GM. The zine is the outcome of a game design exchange project between young people in Germany and Wales during 2021. Maximilian Hartley's stunning illustrations provide further inspiration. Character sheets and other materials, as well as digital versions of Trickster's Net are available online here:

All profits go to the World Literacy Foundation (

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