The Murky Fens Trilogy

The Reverend Uncle Bastard

Three linked, system-free fantasy adventures, each on a business card.

The Sacrarium - From her ancient sacrarium, the piscine priest's machinations have  long kept your village safe from the rising swamp, but the cult of the toad god have invaded her sacred temple and the floods have begun.

The Murky Fens - Your village existed peacefully at the edge of the fens for centuries, until the great salientian arrived. From deep in the swamp the toad god's cult spreads fear & terror. Risk the treacherous Murky Fens to find its lair.

The Sepulchre of the Salientian - The ancient toad god has arisen once again! In its lair, surrounded by traps & minions, The Salientian plots a return to power. it just needs the emerald eye it lost long ago, deep in the murky fens.

Set of three cards.

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