The Brimstone Cradle & The Hills that Hunger

Stefan Surratt

The Brimstone Cradle & The Hills That Hunger are two new adventures for Weird Frontiers RPG. These hair-raising tales can be run separately or linked together for a campaign. Each adventure can be played to completion in a 4 hour game session. They each come with maps, handouts, and PDF purchases also come with full color VTT tokens for all enemies. The module also includes a conversion guide so that you can use these adventures in any standard Dungeon Crawl Classics game.

The Brimstone Cradle is a level 2 adventure wherein a blizzard rages in the early hours of Christmas morning and the PCs end up finding a newborn child who needs protection from menacing demons until dawn. It takes some inspiration from films such as 3 Godfathers (1948), Drag Me to Hell (2009), and Evil Dead (1981).

The Hills That Hunger is a versatile module that can be played as either a 0-level funnel or a 1st level adventure. The PCs are called upon to rescue the survivors of a wagon caravan which is suspected to having been burned to the ground by a group of cannibalistic hillbillies. It takes its inspiration from The Hills Have Eyes (1977), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

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