Stories to Astonish the World


Stories to Astonish the World is a point-crawl TTRPG drawing inspiration from Chinese landscape painting and literary compilations of weird supernatural events that happen to hapless travellers.

In this game, you play a motley group of travelers on a journey through the valleys and mountains of the Great River region. Motives and backgrounds vary greatly amongst your crew, perhaps you are a member of the literati travelling to appreciate scenery and poetic sights, an outlaw out to fulfill their mission, or a political exile going off to find the best place to be a wise hermit.

Regardless, you are united in three key points - you have some destinations you need to visit along the Great River, you have prepared yourself for perils both supernatural and mundane, and you definitely cannot do this alone.

Pick your map and embark on a weird and hopefully wonderful road-or-boat-trip.

28 pages. Stapled. Colour.

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