Single Unique Power

Tyler Crumrine

In Single Unique Power, roll dice and pull words from a pot to create an exciting world and its super-powered inhabitants!

Single Unique Power is a cast-building, setting-creation game inspired by the “one person, one power” trope popular in superhero media, manga, and anime. Examples include mutations in X-Men, quirks in My Hero Academia, devil fruit powers in One Piece, and nen abilities in Hunter × Hunter. In each of these examples, select characters all have unique, personalised powers.

At the end of this game, you’ll have a colourful cast of characters as well as bits and pieces of their backstories. These characters can be enjoyed on their own as you collectively imagine their lives and powers, or you can carry them into future RPGs and stories.

Also available in the Possible Worlds 2021 Boxed Set.

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