Perpetual Broth

Bordercholly, Emiel Boven, and IKO

Somewhere in the countryside stands The Perpetual Broth. The inn prides itself on its namesake, a soup that has been cooking for almost twenty years. The soup is constantly topped up with new ingredients, giving it its signature taste. But yesterday evening Julie, the kitchen help, disappeared, and this morning a guest woke up with his skin rose-scented and covered in thorns. Milo the innkeeper asks the adventurers to find out what is going on.

The pop-up is very simple to assemble, all you need is a ruler, scissors, and glue. Print the pop-up elements, cut, glue, fold, and play. Open the zine on the game table and amaze the players!

4 sided pamphlet plus 2 sides of cut-out components and assembly instructions. Black and white.

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