Daedalus Rising

Brett Sullivan, Isaac Warren, and James Hanna

The year is 5016u. Despite ThirdComm’s dream of “Utopia” and presence in the system, the people of Daedalus still struggle under the oppression of the Daedalus Supremacy. Union’s DOJ/HR has made repeated attempts to end flash-cloning and the slew of other violations of human rights perpetuated by the state. Instead the Supremacy has activated long dormant facilities to build a flash clone army.

Daedalus, colonized nearly three thousand years ago, has been under the Supremacy’s neo-fascist boot for the last 600.

The Pamir Belt have long maintained their freedom through an uneasy peace, but the calls for revolution grow.

Now Daedalus has been rediscovered by major powers. Union and Harrison Armory work to bring the system under their control, while HORUS struggles to free the human mind from the shackles of the physical.

What part will you play?

Daedalus Rising is a setting for the Lancer RPG.

16 pages. Stapled. Colour.


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